Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Women and Airsoft Gun

We are often asked if airsoft is just a guy's sport. While the majority of airsoft players are men, it is definitely a sport women and girls can enjoy. It's easy to quickly dismiss airsoft as violent or dangerous, but that isn't true. Airsoft teaches women planning, strategy, skill, patience, and a reliance on your teammates like no other sport out there. Additionally, the safety equipment required for airsoft makes it very safe, and airsoft BB hits are less painful than paintball. Many women who participate in this sport realize that it's great for both sexes. In fact, many of the women airsoft players surprise their male opponents as women tend to be more agile and stealthy than men; a serious advantage in airsoft skirmishes.

Many women who don't understand airsoft assume that it's some kind of violent battle between two teams that are just trying to blast each other with plastic BBs, but this isn't true at all. Whether it is men or women playing airsoft, most games are played around a scenario or objective that needs to be met. Careful planning is necessary amongst team members to capture a flag or objective without being shot or captured. All the while avoiding airsoft traps, ambushes, snipers, etc. Strategy and teamwork are of utmost importance as you work to move your team forward, or to set up someone from an opposing team. Many teams competing together week after week build solid communications and pull together as one unit. In this way, airsoft will teach that you are a valued member of a team. This type of camaraderie builds self-esteem and confidence.

Another benefit of Airsoft for women, is the development of true athleticism and physical endurance. Airsoft players will run, jump, duck, and whatever is necessary to outmaneuver the opponent. It's a great way to get physical exercise as opposed to running on a treadmill in the gym. Airsoft will work muscles you never knew you had. Airsoft will get you into shape quickly! This side of the airsoft skirmish appeals too many of its players, women and men alike.

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